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MediaTech LAB Welcome Party am 25.04.18

Sechs Startups ziehen Anfang April ins MediaTech LAB und am 25.04.18 ab 17 Uhr sagen wir den neuen Bewohnern „WELCOME“ und feiern das gebührend im Studio Five. Die Startups stellen sich vor und werden von allen Nachbarn und Neugierigen herzlich begrüßt…



The MediaTech Hub Potsdam is a knowledge pool for players in the media technology, film, virtual and mixed reality, digital engineering, data visualisation, edutainment, gamification, science and interface branches – an open community for and by those who get involved in the network.

Potsdam is the ideal location for this. The film and media industry has been present here for over 100 years, and famous directors such as Steven Spielberg, Werner Herzog and Quentin Tarantino have shot and produced their blockbusters and series here. Alongside market leaders and innovators such as Studio Babelsberg, UFA and the film school, technology companies and research facilities have also moved to the area. The Hasso Plattner Institute, a centre of excellence for IT systems engineering, sits alongside SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, the Volkswagen Design Center and the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications.

The MediaTech Hub Potsdam acts as a point of contact, introducing companies, investors, founders and startups to one another and putting them in contact with science and research institutions. The MediaTech Hub is also a platform for participants’ new developments, products and projects, and for knowledge sharing on these topics – whether it’s future media storytelling technologies or new methods and approaches in the area of digital engineering.

Digital Hub Initiative

The MediaTech Hub Potsdam was named one of 12 digital hubs in Germany by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in June 2017. The initiative aims to consolidate Germany’s position as a digital centre and an innovator. The hub concept is based on the idea that close cooperation between companies and founders can encourage innovation in the digital age. There are further hubs in Berlin (IoT & fintech), Dortmund (logistics), Dresden/Leipzig (smart systems & smart infrastructure), Frankfurt/Darmstadt (fintech & cybersecurity), Hamburg (logistics), Karlsruhe (artificial intelligence), Cologne (insurtech), Ludwigshafen/Mannheim (digital chemistry & digital health), Munich (mobility & insurtech), Nuremberg/Erlangen (digital health) and Stuttgart (future industries).


The organisation of MediaTech Hub Potsdam

The Hub is headed by a consortium made up of the following Potsdam-based institutions and societies: media:net berlinbrandenburg e.V., Virtual Reality Berlin Brandenburg e.V., State Capital Potsdam, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy Brandenburg, and Cluster ICT, media and creative industries, part of Brandenburg Invest GmbH.

MediaTech Hub’s content and projects come from its participants. media:net berlinbrandenburg e.V. will run the Hub ad interim until 30 April 2018.

The interface between storytelling and technical innovation

The MediaTech Hub Potsdam rests on two central pillars of the 21st century digital industry: media and IT. Throughout its 100-year status as a film and media centre, Potsdam has been and remains at the forefront of the interface between storytelling and technical innovation.

This combination offers huge potential, providing the key to digital transformation. Potsdam is home to the biggest film studio in Europe and the oldest large-scale studio in the world, the first ever film school, the largest privately financed IT research facility, as well as the headquarters of UFA, Europe’s market leader in film and television production. Future media technologies and digital engineering accumulate around the core focus of storytelling. These innovations can also be used to tap into new customer groups beyond the entertainment industry (like industry clients interested in virtual reality).

The concept of ‘future media technologies’ primarily represents the complete transition to digital media: internet-based and digital technologies, video and mobile, visual effects and animation, games and interactive media all go hand in hand with big data usage and networking, for example when it comes to information about the production and distribution process and the handling of large data volumes. Nowadays, these areas of expertise are as central to a digital hub as a modern infrastructure. Our location near the capital ensures the interplay between modern, urban society and a creative, international milieu of specialists, start-ups and thought leaders, resulting in a distinct innovative advantage.


Scoping Workshop

Über 30 MediaTech Hub Akteure haben sich am 15. März 2018 einen ganzen Tag Zeit genommen, um die Ausrichtung und eine gemeinsame Roadmap für die nächsten Schritte des Hubs während eines Scoping Workshops zu erarbeiten. In mehreren Etappen und Fragestellungen zu Status Quo, Future State in Form eines World Café und Challenges wurde eine gemeinsame …

Eure sechs neuen Nachbarn im MediaTech Lab

Die Schlüssel haben wir, die Farbe unserer Räume im MediaTech Lab Space ist noch nicht ganz trocken, die Kisten stapeln sich wild. Wir sechs Startups sind auf VR, AR, AI gepolt, Papiere, Schreibtische und Stifte ziehen trotzdem mit ein. Wer wir sind? Hinter einer smarter Kino-Loyalty-App, einer Handwerker-Foto-App, der Software-Plattform E2, einem Prop Identifier, digitaler …

MediaTech LAB – Welcome Party am 25. April 2018

Nachdem am 01. April 2018 sechs Startups in das MediaTech LAB eingezogen sind, sagen wir am 25. April 2018 ab 17 Uhr »WELCOME« und feiern das gebührend im Studio Five. Die Startups stellen sich vor und werden von allen Nachbarn und Neugierigen herzlich begrüßt. Die Housewarming-Party gibt allen Gästen die Gelegenheit, das gesamte Studio Five …


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