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Your start-up is interested in Potsdam-Babelsberg? Your start-up USP involves future media technologies such as VR/AR/MR? You want to know more about our MediaTechLab, our office spaces, our mentoring program? Just tell us what you are working on and what interests you about Babelsberg:

MediaTech Lab – six startups move into office space in Babelsberg

The winners of the competition for office space in the MediaTech Lab in the Babelsberg Media City have been announced: the startups Cinuru Research, obob, visionYOU, Pro.Take, Vragments and Slice Production Studios moved into their office space on the third floor of Studio Five on 1 April, where they will work on developing the media technologies of the future.



Cinuru Research GmbH

Cinuru Research analyses customer      data from the Cinuru cinema loyalty app and helps cinemas and film distributors reach cinema-goers efficiently. When it comes to cinemas, the customer relationship is still analogue and anonymous. The film industry lacks the means to reach cinema-goers in a targeted way; marketing has to start from scratch for every film. The Potsdam startup Cinuru offers cinemas a ready-to-use loyalty app and opens up a digital channel between the industry and cinema-goers.

obob UG

obob is a smart photo app for builders, developed in Potsdam. It organises photos, giving builders more time to concentrate on the job at hand. In Germany alone, builders send millions of photos each week to communicate (via WhatsApp) and document their work. This method is scattered, inconsistent and legally vulnerable. obob images contain all the relevant contextual information about how, what, when and where. Images can be found quickly and shared automatically.


visionYOU GmbH

visionYOU GmbH is a creative agency for digital education founded in Potsdam. As an interface between companies, schools and pupils, it helps guarantee the next generation of skilled workers. A lack of skilled workers and current unsuccessful career guidance are a problem – which is where visionYOU and its integrated edutainment approach comes in. The startup offers schools a modular multimedia instruction concept for career guidance and enables companies to access the next generation of employees.

Pro.Take GmbH i.G.

Pro.Take was founded in Berlin and is developing a new digital tool (Prop Identifier) for the film industry to manage props and product placement. Prop management is currently a work-intensive process that takes place by hand with pen and paper. The Prop Identifier offers producers a software that improves budget control, increases productivity and saves money.

Anna Voth,

Vragments GmbH

Vragments GmbH is an award-winning XR company focusing on VR and AR projects. Over the past years, Vragments has produced numerous XR projects in collaboration with public broadcasters and international newsrooms. Vragments is building Fader, a web-based VR product for storytellers to create and share VR stories easily and fast. By uploading 360º content, combined with layers of further information as well as interactive hotspots and a web-based player, Fader has a very low entry-barrier for anyone who wants to experiment with VR storytelling.

Slice production studios GmbH

Digital transformation begins in people’s minds – we make it a reality for companies. With a unique blend of creativity and technology, the Berlin startup SLICE successfully unites highly complex systems with straightforward use, and introduces companies to digital transformation. A mix of in-house expertise in sensors, software and services, as well as the development of its own modular software solutions.