Digital Hub Initiative Startups @ CEBIT

We, The Founders Fight Club, are the official scale11 startup partner and want to make sure you’ll have all the relevant information to be at your peak performance. Scale11 2018 and we’re the official partner for the scale11 Startup Stage.

Here you’ll be choosing your preferred format and day to present your startup on stage. It is “First come, First served!”, so you’ll likely get your preferred day and format if you fill in the form now.For this to be efficient, we’ll need you to quickly fill in this form:

If you already know the formats, as you might have been at scale11 last year or just need a brief intro to the available event types. Just stop reading now and head over to the form.

Alternatively, here comes the description of the available formats at CEBIT scale11:

Traditional Investor Pitch
The favorite of most startups as you’re likely trained well in them. You’ll send us your slides ahead of time and present your company on stage to visitors, investors and potential customers. While many startups chose this format, it is also likely to attract the least amount of passing visitors.
You’ll get five minutes to pitch, followed by five minutes of audience Q&A.

Founders Fights
A crowd favorite and our signature event. You’ll have a verbal duel with another startup and the crowd decides who did the better job. The fight runs in three rounds where both opponents present and criticize the respective business models. The format is packed with action and hence will attract a lot of attention in our experience.

Startup Skills Panels
In a group of founders, we’ll discuss the typical aspect of building and growing a startup. This will be a moderated group interview and you’ll get to show your entrepreneurial skills. All these sessions will be recorded and made available to you as audio or video.

Startup Cluster Panels
Also, a moderated group interview, in this format we’ll mix startup with corporate representatives and/or investors to produce a sparkling discussion on one chosen topic that fits the startup’s industry or technology. From blockchain to the future of AI, from HealthTech to autonomous driving. We’ll cover relevant trends.

This is only the first step of the onboarding. In May we’ll reconnect so that you’ll get your dedicated timeslot and a detailed event briefing. There will be free webinars on best practices for each format.